Friday, June 2, 2017

Important updates from your show's host...

It’s been a long time since I had the time to make a “Blog” post, and that needs to change.  For the past two years or so, time has been a precious commodity.  It is so easy for us to get so caught up in our “day-to-day” activities; we fail to make time for some very important and beneficial endeavors. Writing and communications (in general) have been reduced to short Facebook™ memes and speedy texts. We live on “sound-bites,” questionably sourced material and photo shopped pictures.  Too often we YELL at each other, de-friend each other and even show a terrible lack of common sense and simple decency. As a society in the Western World we have forsaken knowledge, truth and wisdom for poorly espoused ideology.  The fastest disappearing occupation today is that of a “Statesman.”  We are easily swayed because our memories are short. Too many people simply “live in the moment,” and make zero provision for the potential consequences that truly can cause.  Simply put, our feelings have replaced our logic, and our self-centered view of the world has closed our minds.

When I started “Your Weekend Show” in March of 2015, the goal was to provide a radio program that was entertaining, substantive and useful.  Over that time the show has taken a few unexpected twists and turns, while trying to maintain being a relevant voice in a rapidly changing world. In the weeks ahead, you will begin to hear some changes in “Your Weekend Show.”  In addition, you will start seeing major changes on the Website and even the Facebook™ page. We will continue to use and expand our world outreach via Shortwave Radio, as (contrary to what some believe) it is still a very viable platform that reaches billions of people each week. In the weeks ahead, we will begin an effort to use other terrestrial radio options as well; however, we will also begin to expand our on-line presence and offerings, even including video. For this radio ministry and other projects, this should prove to be an exciting time.

As for doing a “Blog?” look for more items appearing on a regular basis.  As I said earlier, time has been a precious commodity, and my wife and I had made that a prayer priority in recent months to make the time. God has faithfully heard and answered those prayers and now has provided a way to have that much needed time. For us it will be a period of change and transition, but that is fine with us. I am also fully aware that there are many “voices” out there competing for your attention, and I will just be one of many, perhaps even just a voice “Crying in the Wilderness,” but with that said here’s what I know; these humble efforts can be blessed and multiplied beyond our imagination by our sovereign God.

For those that have listened to this program for a while, my most humble thanks to you for taking the time to listen as often as you can. If you have never taken the time to share your thoughts, now would be an excellent time.  Would you take a moment to write and share your thoughts? It would mean the world to me. You can send me a direct email to Lastly, keep this program and the expanded ministries in your prayers. Trust me, prayer DOES make a difference, and they are needed now more than ever before.

To God alone be the Glory!

+Bob Biermann            

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